BIMBO’s Back!!! He Claims One Of The Dudes From Making Of The Band 4 Is On The Downlow!!!

: Okay, I had this tea for quite sometime. And, I really didn't care about it until now. I'll be honest, I was hoping that this dude did make the band. Cause child, I didn't want to waste this tea honey. Cause it's hot child! So, get ready to drink it down slowly.

Anyway, one of the members of Diddy's latest MTV'S "Making The Band" group, and this is all allege, but it comes from a very reliable source. Aww hell, it comes from his ex boyfriend. Okay, here's the story, sometime ago- I was on a very popular NYC gay chatline called the Blade, just talking to various dudes and this one dude caught my attention. So, instead of us sending messages back and fourth, I told him to connect with me and let's talk one-on-one.

Anyway, sometime during the conversation we got onto the subject of relationships and dating. And, he told me, he just got out of a relationship. And, he told me that I probably seen his ex on TV. He asked, if I watched MTV'S MTB. And, I said yes. He told me very seriously that his ex is one of the boys from the show trying to make the band. So, I asked him which one. He said he's not the type to put people business out there. That's how the down low dudes do, they look after one another. So, I had to pretend like I was on the low. So, I said, "Son you can tell me, I'm on the low, who would I tell." Little did he know, who he was talking to. Anyway, after nights of talking to the dude, I finally got it out of him and he told me who the dude was.

The dude from the chat line and the dude from the MTB group were together for quite some time before his boyfriend made it all the way to the house. He said the dude called him as much as he could to tell him what's going on. Okay, every thing was all good between them. Until, Puffy told the boys to go back home for two months or something. When ole boy returned back home, he totally dissed the boy I'm talking to off the chat line. He told him, he's not with that gay sh*t no more. He said he don't get down like, he told him to lose his number and pretend he's dead to him. That's some serious sh**, couldn't be me child.

A few weeks ago, I went out on a dinner and movie date with the guy from the chat line and he told me he would have a surprise for me. I'm thinking uh oh! But, the surprise was that he had pictures of him and ole boy from Making Oh The Band. I was shocked and happy at the same time and a little jealous! But anyway child, from the pictures that look like they were from their private sexual collection. It was a lot of action in these pictures. Child from the pics, the MTB dude must be a bottom.

But, anyway, now that the boy or girl honey made the band, I will try my best to get those pics child. But until then, here are some hints on who this Making The Band member is:

1. He did not have to lose over 50 pounds to make the band.
2. He does not resemble or look like he could be related to other male singer Bobby Valetino.
3. Nor does he look like he could be related to male/female singer Sisqo.
4. And, you can either call him by his full name or the first letter in his name.


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